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Presented by
Dr.Daniela Steyn, M.D.

Heal, at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. Dr. Steyn has developed this online program to help you heal from burnout based on what she implemented in her own life as a medical doctor, mom of three and triathlon athlete.


She has helped hundreds of clients through her Wellness MD Clinic overcome exhaustion and live balanced fulfilling lives recovering their health and happiness. Her clients include Physicians, Nurses, working moms,

C-suite executives, lawyers and more.


Reasons to take this course:

You're emotionally exhausted.

You have less empathy and tolerance and you're more irritable than usual.

You're making more mistakes at work.

And functioning with less efficiency and productivity. 

You're feeling detached.

And you've noticed your close relationships are strained.

You're feeling stressed.

Which is affecting your sleep, your eating habits and the things you enjoy.

Take a look inside the course:

Over 35 self-paced lessons,

Dr. Daniela Steyn guides you through practical steps to positively improve your life, reduce your stress and optimize your sleep to recover from burnout and get back to your living your optimal life.