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Free Resources.

All good things start with one simple step, but you have to take it. 
Let us help you make the best choices you can, starting today!
Explore the free resources below and subscribe to Dr. Daniela Steyn on YouTube for health and wellness tips from guest experts.

Free download | Hormone E-book
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Menopause | Sleeping better guide
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Recipes | Healthy treats e-book
Free recipe book download
Recipes | Healthy Summer Salads
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Wellness Guide | Managing Migraines
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Recipes | Smoothies
Burnout Course | Free mini module
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Self-exploration | Worksheets + Quizzes
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Dr. Daniela Steyn's Newsletter

Dr. Daniela Steyn's Newsletter

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"My goal with my wellness clinic and the online education I provide is to help people 10 or 20 years before they would have been admitted to hospital, to avoid hospitalization altogether."


Wellness MD Blog

Wellness MD Blog

Learn more about lifestyle medicine, get transformative tips, and holistic inspiration.

Uncover the path to your most optimal life—one blog post at a time.



The Wellness MD Podcast

Join Medical Doctor Daniela Steyn for honest conversation and practical guidance on how you can live a joyful life of health and wellness. Originally from South Africa now working as a Family Physician and Hospital Doctor in Canada, her mission is to empower you to take control of your own health.  Heal from illness and prevent disease with optimal nutrition, moving your body more and sleeping better. You too can live a life of abundance and joy.

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Thrive Through Menopause

Thrive Through Menopause is a ground-breaking book by Dr. Daniela Steyn.

This book offers readers an up-to-date, comprehensive resource on one of life's most significant transitions for women – menopause. Through 15 years of experience and research, Dr. Steyn takes the reader through the physical, emotional, and psychological changes that come from this transition stage in order to help women understand and manage their symptoms with the best possible outcome.

Focusing on evidence-based medicine combined with natural therapies, this book explores all aspects of menopause management for each individual woman’s needs, as every woman experiences different symptoms at different levels. Packed with detailed information about hormone balance, supplements, healthy eating habits, lifestyle modifications and more, Thrive Through Menopause offers in-depth advice on how to make positive changes that can reduce the uncomfortable effects associated with menopause while maintaining overall wellbeing.


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