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The Shift : Weight Loss for Extraordinary People

Yes, that’s you. You’re extraordinary. You’re an accomplished leader. You’re raising the next generation. You’re caring for aging parents. You’re connecting with your friends. You’re traveling the world. 

But weight loss is the one thing eluding you. 

“If only I could lose weight, then I’d be happy.” 


You’re living in the If-Only Zone — where your happiness is dependent on whether or not you feel you’re winning the weight battle.


You’re searching for the magic formula to make your weight worries disappear.

Does this seem familiar to you?
Smiling Woman
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You have a big appetite — and always have -- and it runs your life.


Your mind is occupied with thoughts of food, eating, exercise, and all the “shoulds” of weight loss.


You’re worried about what extra weight means for your health as you get older. 


You get judgmental looks in public, which triggers a lot of body dissatisfaction and discomfort.


You feel like your body size is the one thing that's holding you back, despite being successful in every other area of your life.


And let us guess — you've tried every single weird diet pill, formula, shake, exercise program and gadget on the planet — and you're left feeling no different and maybe worse.

But consider you’ve likely never been offered evidence-based custom medically-driven therapy which considers every aspect of your life and health, delivered by an expert obesity medicine team. 


Consider that you’ve never been told that your weight is mostly determined by your brain, your genes and your environment. 

In The Shift, we redefine weight loss as a journey towards lasting wellness and vitality, designed exclusively for your wellbeing. 

Our mission is to help you Shift into the life you deserve—one filled with vitality, wellness, and a sense of self-mastery. 

The Shift is designed exclusively for extraordinary individuals who have a track record of learning, growing and understanding themselves differently so that they can create sustainable change. 

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Person studying

The Shift is for you if:

  • You're tired of bouncing between various weight programs and temporary fixes and you have a sense that the diet industry is designed to help you fail. 

  • You're seeking a program grounded in science-backed methodologies that drive genuine results.

  • You're seeking a holistic approach that goes beyond just shedding pounds, focusing on managing diseases and regaining control of your health.

  • You crave a supportive community and personalized attention, rather than being lost in a crowd of participants.

  • You want guidance not only on nutrition but also on behavior change, knowing that lasting transformation involves more than just physical changes.

  • You're committed to genuine, long-term wellness and are eager to embark on a journey that prioritizes your well-being over quick fixes.

  • You seek a program designed specifically for YOU, not a one-size-fits-all approach, ensuring that every step feels personalized and manageable.

  • You desire a structured yet adaptable program that fits into your lifestyle, making it practical and sustainable for the long haul.

  • You're looking for guidance that feels supportive, not overwhelming, allowing you to navigate your health journey with ease and confidence.

  • You want a program that considers your unique challenges and strengths, ensuring that every milestone feels achievable and celebrated.

  • You crave a sense of control over your wellness journey, seeking a program that empowers you to take charge without feeling lost or pressured.

Taking Notes

Our program includes:

  • Comprehensive Behaviour Coaching: Embrace a holistic approach towards wellness, focusing on movement for its intrinsic value, nourishment as a cornerstone, weight loss for effective disease management, strength for vitality, and fostering body acceptance throughout the journey. We use a signature system for creating momentous inner shift. 

    • 12 Coaching and Holistic Nutrition Sessions delivered virtually or in person

    • A custom schedule of productive frequent MD visits to suit your life

    • 12 Virtual Group Sessions led by our team

  • Weight Loss Medications and Testing: Access appropriate weight loss medications and personalized testing tailored to your specific health needs, ensuring a safe and effective approach

  • Customized Laboratory Testing: Benefit from comprehensive laboratory tests, designed to provide a clear understanding of your body's needs and health indicators.

  • Therapeutic Food Planning: Receive personalized plans focusing on therapeutic foods that cater to your individual requirements and health goals.

  • Daily Messaging and Custom Phone Line: Enjoy round-the-clock support through daily messaging

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