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Courses + Packages 

Dr. Daniela Steyn is a practicing Family Physician, Hospital Medicine Doctor, Associate Professor, speaker, educator, Team Canada triathlete and health advocate. Her mission is to tackle the rising chronic disease crisis through life-changing, personalized holistic medicine.

Dr. Steyn has developed online programs to help you heal from burnout and strive for your personal best based on what she implemented in her own life as a medical doctor, mom of three and triathlon athlete.


She has helped hundreds of clients through her Wellness MD Clinic overcome exhaustion and live balanced fulfilling lives recovering their health and happiness. Her clients include Physicians, Nurses, working moms,

C-suite executives, lawyers and more.


Corporate wellness packages are now available to treat your teams to a wellness package and bring wellness back to your workplace with the practical and approachable presentations by Dr. Steyn as she helps to spread awareness and reach patients before they become patients. 

Corporate Wellness Packages

Dr. Daniela Steyn has been a featured speaker at local women's events in Oakville and presents to Physician groups across the world virtually. She is a sought-out podcast guest and hosts the health and wellness talk show featuring experts from across the wellness industry. Contact the Wellness MD team below to book a corporate wellness package.

We will be in touch soon!


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